About Me…


“When you are asked into the intimacy of a person’s life, you must go bare footed, bare hearted, and bare headed and treat it as sacred ground.” –author unknown


I will not occasionally judge you. I will continuously judge you.
I have my own standards. I will not compromise them for any reason.
Everyone is subject to reality. We do not project reality. Reality exists beyond what you want it to be.
If you do not like me, you are welcome to leave at any point. If you do like me, what do you have to offer?
If you demand something of me, you must have something to offer me in return.
If you attempt to force your will upon me for any reason, I will walk away in an instant.
If I truly love you, I will always love you, no matter what.
If you ever leave me, I will not chase or follow. I will wait for your return.
If at any point you think I am acting irrational, consider all of the facts, you will find that I have sound reason.
I do not care if you do not understand; It is not my responsibility to make you understand.
I love life. I will make the most out of mine.
I love shaking my foot when I sit. 
I love nodding my head when I don’t pay attention. 
I love colouring on paper table clothes with crayons. 
I love observing people and getting scolded for staring. 
I love mimicking your speech pattern. 
I love taking on your body language. 
I love making you smile without moving your mouth. 
I love pausing in the middle of a kiss and saying “Hi.” 
I love knowing that there is always something bigger to catch. 
I love knowing that you aren’t beautiful until I know you. 
I love keeping things sacred. 
I love being for just one person. 
I love watching your hands move when I should be listening to you speak. 
I love knowing I’m saying more when nothing’s coming out of my mouth. 
I love asking hobos if they have spare change. 
I love how boxing rings are square. 
I love having a tight grip. 
I love feeling your expressions change when your face is buried in my neck. 
I love the scent of your voice, the taste of your beauty, the sworn secrecy your eyes give me when I’m spilling, the one millionth of a millimeter between our skins; just enough room. 
I love breathing in what you breathe out. 
My body is a temple. 
Don’t try to get inside me and then use it to claim sanctuary. 
I want to grow to think you’re the most beautiful creature; not lust over you at first sight. 
I am not afraid of Satan. 
I am afraid of God. 
My hands are chaotic. 
My scent can be felt. 
My ears are brilliant. 
My eyes can taste. 
My lips can hear. 
My sexuality will make you melt. 
My honesty will make you freeze. 
My world is provocative. 
I’m here to offend you; to make you uncomfortable. 
Don’t expect anything from anyone but yourself. 
Don’t give people permission to let you down. 
Don’t act famous. 
People will be quick to notice you, but they’ll forget you even faster. 
Live simply, emotions can be cluttered easily by things. 


I’ll just acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn.


A Sad Reality:


No matter how wrong something is, if followed, many will believe it to be right. That is the power of incompetent people: they gather. There is great power in numbers. Those who are able to realize right from wrong are left with only their mind(s) to face the opposing army of the omnipresent body of ignorance.




Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.


Your character is the fruit of your habits which stem from your actions that branch from your words and finally we arrive at the root of who you are, your thoughts. Mind your thoughts they are the seed of who you are.


Who I’d like to meet:


Good, Honest, Straight Forward, Driven, Logical and Rational People.


I realize that:


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


“You enter a room at your own risk. Use common sense and rational thought. If you communicate with people, be aware that they may be dishonest. Notice that identities are unreliable.”




“The Weak man believes in luck, things beyond his grasp, and failure. The Strong man believes in cause and effect, his own abilities, and knows nothing of failure; it is instead viewed only as another challenge.” 


“People believe a lie because they want it to be true or because the truth is too hard for them to accept. Truth offers no sense of purpose, it is only truth.” 


Whatever it is you want, however you want to have it, no matter why you want to have it, you can have it faster if you can first be happy without it.



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